My Setup on Mac

I downloaded the Android SDK (in my case for Mac) I created a subdirectory called Android for testing and put the Android SDK under that directory, with in that there is a subdirectory called tools where monkeyrunner lives (not this is not the “Monkey” tool) So I ended up with this file structure /Users/me/Downloads/_Android /Users/me/Downloads/_Android/android-sdk-macosx Underneath […]

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Some Tips and Tricks for Mac

Some Tips and Tricks for Mac, or things I want to find without always doing a google search System Commands for Mac Category Tip (How To) View environment variables Enter the following command in a terminal to print all the environment variables: printenv Show variables To show a list including the variables created by yourself you can enter the next command: ( set -o posix ; set ) | less This will show you not only your variables but the environment var too. Redirect Output Redirecting output to screen and a file […]

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iPhone Simulator problem – Corrupted Device

The system I inherited kicks off builds via Jenkins, so I saw this error in the Jenkins output An error was encountered processing the command (code=146): Unable to erase contents and settings in current state: Creating 10:40:48   355) Business-Cards samples Batch 15 Business-Cards sample 355: biz-card-martin_0128.JPG 10:40:48      Failure/Error: 10:40:48      Selenium::WebDriver::Error::WebDriverError: 10:40:48        Command failed: /bin/sh -c xcrun simctl erase 8EFADEC6-6E22-482A-9810-5B0822653235 10:40:48        An error was encountered processing the command (code=146): 10:40:48        Unable to erase contents and settings in current state: Creating 10:40:48      # ./image_library_tests/image_library_regression.rb:67:in `block (4 levels) in <top (required)>’ This means the virtual device, got […]

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