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I have been off Android testing for a while, moved to other devices and platforms in the office.  Now I am on iOS Testing for our apps and we aren’t doing any active development with Android.  I will post future Android test here when we return to Android testing.  So a few Apple related things will appear here, sorry if that offends the Android folks, but the day job is “breaking things” any platform 🙂


Setting up/Installing Grep for windows

I like grep (a linux/unix tool) it allows me to do quick searches for information all at the command line.  Unfortunately it doesn’t come with windows so you have to go find it, install it, and update your path, so the command is available anywhere.

First getting Grep, I found this one and it works well:  “Windows Grep“- located at

Installing it is easy, then you need to update your path.

For windows 7 (this is overly detailed for the folks who might need the info)

  • Launched Windows Explorer (hold the Windows Key and E (the key that as a flag on it))
  • Right click on “Computer” (or whatever you named your computer)
  • Go to Properties (bottom of the menu that pops up)
  • On the left, click on Advance system settings
  • Click on the tab Advance
  • At the bottom click on Environment Variables
  • The bottom list is System variables, scroll through the list until you find “Path
  • Click edit
  • Hit the right arrow, this takes you to the end of the entry and un-highlights everything so you don’t delete what is that
  • Type a semicolon “;” and then enter the path to where grep is installed
  • To get that path, go back to Windows Explorer (probably still open)
    • Go to program files (on my machine is Program Files (x86))
    • Scroll down and if you installs windows grep, there will be a directory called windows grep
    • Click on it
    • Then click on the address bar (top of explorer has something like  > Computer > OS (C:) > Program Files…)
    • When you click on it, it changes to something like “C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Grep” that is your path, paste that into Path variable you are editing
  • Click OK
  • Click OK
  • Click OK
  • You’re Done

To Test

  • Now if you open a new command line prompt you can grep stuff
  • If you just type grep and hit enter (and the path is right) you should get back help
    • C:\Android>grep
      Usage: grep [OPTION]… PATTERN [FILE]…
      Try `grep –help’ for more information.