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Blackberry Bold 9900 Desktop & Wireless Setup

Adding to the mix of test devices is now a Blackberry.  The first one is a bold 9900

One of my first task is getting the device to talk to our wireless network so I can do testing with it, I also want to get it connected to my desktop to help with debugging.

So far, no luck with wireless – in theory I need to configure it for LEAP after choosing WPA2/Enterprise, so that I am not asked for a Certificate – trying it, now having it work yet.  Though it is a bit tough that I can’t see my password as I type it.  On the Android I could see each character I typed for 15 seconds or so before it turned into a astrisk ‘*’.

As for talking to the Desktop, I am starting with the desktop software

I installed the Softare on XP, but I had to go to the Device Manager (open Windows Explore, right click on “My Computer”, go to Properties, Click the Hardware Tab, and then click “Device Manager”

I found USB conflicts (yellow Exclamation mark) and had to “update” drivers 3 times, including on for a Blackberry, before my computer could see the Device, plus the software that is suppose to launch when the Blackberry is connexted.