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My Phone Sim

I needed a (better) tool to send for sending SMS request via HTTP to a Kannel simulator that display the server response.   One problem was remembering the URL for various test environments, another was remember the SMSC ID does we use for each country or aggregator, much less the short codes.

So I wrote a new phone simulator that could read this stuff from a properties file, and I used python and wxpython.  I am new to both, so it is less than perfect behind the scenes, but it was a nice learning experience and side project to make my life easier.

  • URL – URL to talk to the Kannel Sim
  • Country – Just list the countr
  • SMSC ID – The id for the aggrerator
  • Short code – Phone number we send the SMS request too
  • Phone Number – The phone number (customer) we are testing with
  • SMS Command – What you want to run, things like “help”

I can’t post files here, so I am hosting them on my server

The full program lacks an installer, just unzip and run the phone_sim_ui.exe to see it in action, it is configure for my environment, which doesn’t require a password in QA, it sends up sending something like:


And then querying the server to see Kannel’s response:


Download Links

7 zip gives good compression and is free (also reads zip files), if you don’t have it can be found


Kannel – Phone Sim

I haven’t had to test anything new on an Android in a while, so no discoveries yet to post here.  But I did write  a new Phone simulator which is my first crack at writing a program in python with a GUI interface (using WxPython) and talking to the open source Kannel Simulator we use for our SMS services.

When in QA, we can’t send real SMS messages to a phone for testing, so we use a phone simulator to talk to a QA instances of Kannel.  I have found the documentation for Kannel not to be user friendly.  Much less the documentation of the Phone Simulator written 5 years ago internally, in java, so I had to reverse engineer it and do some HTTP processing, I still don’t have an install yet, but I am getting closer.  At least the new phone simulator works and has some of the data fields preloaded which makes it more user friendly.  (Will post phone simulator in a bit)


Kannel – Kannel FAQ

Kannel is an open source project to make a WAP gateway. Kannel also works as a SMS gateway.

SMS for an SMS Gateway it turns SMS messages into http messages (the way we use it) so I needed a Tool to talk to send and receive HTTP request