My Setup on Mac

I downloaded the Android SDK (in my case for Mac) I created a subdirectory called Android for testing and put the Android SDK under that directory, with in that there is a subdirectory called tools where monkeyrunner lives (not this is not the “Monkey” tool) So I ended up with this file structure /Users/me/Downloads/_Android /Users/me/Downloads/_Android/android-sdk-macosx Underneath […]

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Monkeyrunner links & Other automation info

Some links for Monkeyrunner From the Android site (though it took tweaking to make this work for me) monkeyrunner | Android Developers – –   Additional Documentation from Android Monkey Device – other program options, like reboot – Monkey Image – Pixel and Image stuff – Monkey Runner – has some static utility methods. – […]

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Monkeyrunner API Reference

Update:  I always get errors when I try and use monkeyrunner.sleep(xx) – however I can import time, and use time.sleep(xx) without a problem   API Reference 05-24-2012 (adding the date for when and if it changes in the future) – no formatting this is how it is dumped to the file when doing “text” MonkeyRunner […]

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