About Me

I have been QA/Software testing since 1998 and working in the technology since 1994.  For QA I have worked with  security and network management applications, and now mobile banking and iPhone/Android Applications. For more details check out My LinkedIN Profile

  1. olga rubchinskaya

    I’m so happy I found your blog! I’m a nooby QE – my job is manual testing of an app on android, but I’ve been given ‘suggestions’ to learn how to automate – basically my first task is to write a python or shell script that’ll send commands to the device: install, enter username/password, tap submit, open views, etc. So as someone who has never programmed anything besides a coffee maker, I’m trying to learn how everything hooks together, and there’s lots of stuff out there – but it’s either at a higher or lower level than I need. So I’m grateful for writing all this down, and hopefully I can make something out of something.

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